Goldsmiths Andreasen – MADE IN TAMPERE

Made in Tampere

Goldsmiths Andreasen is a goldsmith studio based in Tampere, Finland. It was founded by goldsmith Reijo Andreasen over 30 years ago. On the same premises there are both a boutique shop and the workshop. Nowadays Reijo’s son Jussi has taken a place at his father’s side as the second leading goldsmith, who is, in addition to the goldsmithing work, responsible of the jewelry design of the studio. The studio is situated in Finland, in the center of the city of Tampere.

Goldsmiths Andreasen is specialized in selling their own collections of wedding rings and engagement rings.  All the collections are highly customizable according the clients wishes.



In the workshop Reijo, Jussi and three goldsmiths manufacture rings, unique work and repairs themselves always from start to finish. Goldsmiths Andreasen offer also pearl knotting and engraving services.

The Andreasen ring collection combine classical scandinavian and timeless aesthetics to modern day design. Quality and time enduring design are the most important properties of a wedding ring. That’s why Andreasen goldsmiths always use carefully selected materials, diamonds and jewels in their pieces.

Every ring commission is manufactured according to the clients specification to make small adjustments to the models possible.

Andreasen also crafts unique jewelry that are designed in collaboration with the client.

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