The Ring Buying Guide


An engagement ring needs to endure daily wear. That’s why you need to pay special attention to the material and quality of the ring, as well as to the way you wear it.

Material and shank

The most suitable materials for engagement rings are noble metals such as yellow gold, white gold, red gold, platinum and palladium. When using yellow or white gold you can choose from 18 carat or 14 carat alloy. The white gold alloy we use is palladium-white gold, so it doesn’t contain nickel.

When choosing the ring shank profile there are many to choose from. To mention couple of examples, a flat profile, slight-round or the traditional half-round profile. These are the most common profiles today, but if you’re interested in more unusual profiles, there are more to choose from.sormusprofiilit_


The quality of the engagement ring is the most essential factor to consider. Sufficient height and width of the shank are signs of a ring made to last. We recommend at least 1.4-1.5mm height and at least 2mm width for an engagement ring. Too narrow or too thin a ring may twist in use or even snap into pieces in the worst case scenario. You should also avoid scooped rink shanks, it’s a sign that the maker has been scrimpy with material and quality. Such a ring will be too thin and will probably not endure daily wear.

Wearing the engagement ring

The final responsibility for the durability of the ring is naturally with the user. It’s an often heard adage that once an engagement ring is inserted in the finger, it’s not supposed to be taken off. But if you want to preserve the beauty of your ring, we recommend avoiding heavy duty work while wearing your engagement ring. As examples, working out in the gym or renovating are such chores where the ring is under considerable stress and scratching.


A noble metal ring should be maintained from time to time. We recommend the maintenance interval to be 1-2 years to ensure the integrity of the stone settings.


When choosing a ring model or style, you should use the engagement ring as the basis. You should consider what kind of ring fits beside the engagement ring, both in style and model. What kind of a budget you have allocated for the ring?

Beautifully compatible rings

Is it impossible to find beautifully compatible rings? No, since by commissioning the ring from us, we always manufacture the wedding ring to your measurements. That is, we use the measurements of your engagement ring and the shank profile as the basis for the wedding ring. When commissioning the wedding ring it’s possible to try the fitting of the engagement ring before the final manufacture to make the compatibility the best possible.


When choosing the material we recommend choosing the rings made from the same material with the same purity, so they’ll also be both as hard. In our rings we only use alloys that are of the highest quality, fulfilling the strict requirements of TUKES (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency) standards. The white gold alloy we use is palladium-white gold, that does not contain nickel or other allergenic compounds. The material options we use are white gold, yellow gold, red gold, platinum and palladium.


When choosing a wedding ring one of the biggest factors is of course your budget. Ways to how to affect the price of the commissioned ring are in example; the quality of the diamond, the possible use of and alternative stone in place of the diamond. It’s also worth asking about using your own gold for material when making the ring. Diamond has many varying qualities that affect the price greatly. By raising or lowering the diamond grade you can affect the ring price. As a guide line all our website prices are calculated using Wesselton/VS-grade diamonds but you can inquire about other grades and we’ll calculate the price and make an offer accordingly.

The use of an alternative stone instead of the diamond is a great way to save money if you don’t want to save in splendor. In a wedding ring that’s in daily use, the jewel options could be in example a sapphire or a ruby. Sapphires have also other hues than the traditional blue commonly available. Hues like clear  and pink sapphires are popular in wedding rings. Diamonds have other colors as well, cognac brown, champagne yellow or black stones that are cheaper options than the clear diamonds. Artificially colored diamonds offer another option. These diamonds have glorious colors such as shimmering blue, green, yellow and pink hues. The prices of colored diamonds may vary a lot according to the hue, so inquiries about colored diamonds are calculated per case.

Ring maintenance and upkeep

We recommend to have your rings maintained periodically. During the maintenance we check the stone settings, tighten them if needed, clean the rings in an ultrasound washing machine and polish the ring surface. The rhodium plating of a white golden ring should be renewed during the maintenance so the surface of the white gold stays beautiful and fair.

Unique models

We also manufacture wedding rings as personalized unique models! If there’s a unique wedding ring model you dream of, we’ll be ready to help. When visiting our store, take pictures and other inspiring material with you and we’ll begin a design process together. Our expert goldsmiths and designers help you to design the model and details on your terms.  If there’s a more special ring model in your mind, one that it doesn’t necessarily fit beside your engagement ring, contact us and we’ll see if we can make modifications to either the wedding ring or the engagement ring. We’ll help your rings fit together.