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NEW RELEASE! Now available with a red gold shank!

Our popular Tulip – wedding ring collection has grown!

The Tulip is now available as a diamond band.

Metal options for this collection are white gold, yellow gold, red gold, platinum and palladium. We manufacture the model in a wide range of diamond sizes.

Ask for an offer with a specific diamond size and quality.

Pricing examples:

9x 0,03ct – 1050EUR
7x 0,03ct – 890EUR
5x 0,03ct – 790EUR

9x 0,04ct – 1100EUR
7x 0,04ct – 990EUR
5x 0,04ct – 890EUR

9x 0,05ct – 1290EUR
7x 0,05ct – 1150EUR
5x 0,05ct – 990EUR

7x 0,06ct – 1250EUR
5x 0,06ct – 1040EUR
7x 0,07ct – 1370EUR

7x 0,10ct – 1450EUR
5x 0,10ct – 1840EUR

Diamond grade H (w) /vs.

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